What is Stigma? Stigma is a sign or sense of disgrace that sets someone apart from others. When people living with a mental health condition are defined or labeled by their condition, they may become part of a stereotyped group that experiences shame, blame and secrecy. Social stigma may include prejudice, exclusion and discrimination toward Read More

Mental illness affects everyone.  Help NAMI Monroe County continue to build a vital movement to inspire and improve lives.  We rely on your gifts to support our important work. Help NAMI Monroe County push forward in providing resources, education, advocacy and support those in need of your help and hope.  Consider making a tax deductible Read More

For many of the men and women who have served our country, the battle for mental health can be a daily challenge. The visible and invisible wounds that many carry can be life-threatening in ways that are sometimes difficult to understand. And when a veteran is struggling with a mental health challenge, their families are Read More

Over a year ago we joined with businesses, community leaders, advocates, government agencies and The White House at the launch of the National Dialogue on Mental Health—a first step in a conversation that would identify ways to provide help to people everywhere and avert tragedies in the future.  On the anniversary of that day, we Read More

Last week, NAMI members (including NAMI Monroe County) sponsored events across the country as part of Mental Illness Awareness Week.  We enlist each other in the fight against stigma as we educate others and raise awareness for individuals and families living with mental illness. This year, you can “go green” to help shine a light Read More

A few things have changed since 1979. From just 284 individuals in Madison, Wisconsin, a movement was born that has grown to thousands of supporters, leaders and volunteers in states and communities across the country.  Looking ahead we know there is still more to be done. With your support, we can help individuals, families and communities Read More

Every day NAMI changes the lives of individuals and families affected by mental illness. Just today, a middle school student heard about the signs and symptoms of mental illness. Just today, a parent developed coping strategies to support a son affected by schizophrenia.  Just today, a neighbor learned that one in four Americans are diagnosed Read More

In the year ahead, we can create a vision of a better tomorrow where the stigma of mental illness is replaced with understanding and compassion.  Help NAMI fight each day to educate, advocate, and change the way we think about mental illness. Please help support NAMI Monroe County, where we’ll do great things for the Read More

Mental health parity is now a reality. On November 8th, the final regulations defining insurance parity laws were issued, requiring insurers to provide mental health care benefits on the same terms that they cover any other illness.  These long-awaited rules create a foundation for a better tomorrow. Inspiring individuals and communities across the country to recognize Read More