Minority Mental Health Awareness

During the month of July, to celebrate NMMHAM and honor Campbell’s legacy, NAMI State Organizations and Affiliates across the nation will be focusing on how we can better address the mental health needs of people from culturally diverse groups and increase awareness of minority mental health issues locally.  Culturally diverse groups include: Afriacan Americans, the Latino population, American Indians, Asian Americans, and the GLBT population. NAMI Wisconsin, in particular, will be hosting a “flash mob” on July 19th.  Join us in Madison as we celebrate NMMHAM!

Mental illness affects people of all cultures, identities, and backgrounds.  Let’s promote awareness and encourage understanding this July.  Let’s make a difference. Contribute now, to NAMI Monroe County, to help support our efforts!  Make a donation or consder becoming a member!  Contact us at info@namimonroecounty.org.  Thank you for all your support!