I Am Stigma Free

Take the #IAmStigmaFree Pledge and support the STIGMAFREE campaign on thunderclap to help raise awareness.Millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental health condition. You can help raise awareness for mental health issues by taking the stigmafree pledge and show your support for #IAmStigmaFree on thunderclap.

Thunderclap helps organizations send out a lot of tweets and messages all at once to bring awareness to their campaigns.  By taking part you ensure our voices are heard during Mental Health Month as we let the world know: We are #stigmafree.

1. Take the pledge at www.nami.org/stigmafree
2. Sign up for the #IAmStigmaFree Thunderclap

Please consider joining NAMI Monroe County to support our efforts to keep the area stigma free.  We are small, yet we are trying to grow in order to provide the needed services to help individuals living with mental illness, as well as their friends and family members!  Contact us today!